Tips for Selling a Home and Making the Most of it

Tips for Selling a Home and Making the Most of it
17 Nov 2019

If you intend to enjoy a house for many years, it is interesting to renovate it to your liking. 

However, if the renovation is to revalue a property and increase its sale value, this will change. 

On the one hand, because it is not pleasant to make a significant expense if you are not going to enjoy it and much less if the reforms are made while you live there. 

In any case, it is highly advisable to revalue your home beforehand if you want to sell it.

Revaluing it is more than giving paint or changing windows or doors, it requires an investment that goes further to achieve a visible reform to be able to take advantage of selling. 

When it comes to figures, almost 33% of buyers now choose green homes and take into account details of the elements that meet sustainability. 

In that sense, consider the installation of elements that make this type of buyer attractive, for example presence detectors for energy saving, installation of an ecological boiler,
solar panels, etc.

Tips for selling a home and successfully revaluing it.

Install double or triple glazed windows:

This is a small renovation, but it will improve the energy consumption of heating and air conditioning.

In addition, you will gain in quality of life for the buyer by reducing outside noise.

Expand spaces, create integrated environments:

Knowing that as time goes by, houses tend to be built smaller and smaller, think of the idea of unifying rooms by tearing down dividing walls. 

With this you win at a visual level and in amplitude, without a doubt one of the bases of the well-being that the future owners will value.

On the other hand, having united spaces makes more organization more necessary since there is more in sight, but the effect is more positive in general.

Install energy-saving light bulbs:

At this point it should be obvious, but today there are many homes that still do not have sustainable lighting.

In this way we will be able to reduce a percentage of the expenditure on electricity bills. 

Choose low-consumption appliances as well:

If you are going to leave your appliances on the floor you want to sell, choose the low consumption ones.

Identifying them is very simple because they bring with them the labels with the consumption indicator, but if you need it, you can ask for help at the time of purchase.

These are just a few ideas to make a home more attractive and revalue it, so you can get the most out of it at the time of sale. 

To sell a property in Alicante or any area of the Costa Blanca, you can use our sales portal and fill in the data easily. 

Or if you wish, contact our real estate agents in Costa Blanca and we will gladly advise you to sell your property. 


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