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Golden Visa Spain · Residence by Investment in Real Estate

Spain: Your Kingdom to Invest

Located in Southwestern Europe, Spain is esteemed as one of the globe's premier holiday destinations. Renowned for its stunning landscapes and exceptional quality of life, this vibrant country boasts a rich history, unique culture, and cherished traditions.

With one of Europe's most significant economies, Spain presents lucrative investment prospects. As a full member of the EU and the Eurozone, it offers stability and growth potential for investors.

Spain’s Residence by Investment Program

This residence by investment in Spain, well known as Spain Golden Visa program, enables foreign individuals to make a significant financial commitment in the nation, facilitating their application for an investor visa. Upon approval, successful candidates and their families gain the privilege of visa-free travel throughout the Schengen Area in Europe.



EUR 500,000 as minimum investment


Reduced resolution time

Around 10 days after request, and maximun proccesing time 30 days.


Major asset

Allows you to live, work, and study in Spain, with unrestricted travel privileges across the European Union and the Schengen Area.

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Spanish Golden Visa Benefits

  • Free travel across all Schengen countries
  • Work permit and residency in Spain
  • Extended to spouses, dependent children under 18 years old, as well as children over 18 years old who rely on the investor for support
  • Education and healthcare services
  • Authorization to obtain permanent residence in Spain and, eventually, Spanish nationality
  • Great investment property rental income opportunities
  • Double tax exemption. You do not pay taxes on your investments or income from out of Spain as you are residing out of Spain

Requirements to Apply for a Golden Visa in Spain?

To apply for Spanish investor visa you must fulfill the following requirement:

  • Non-EU citizen over 18 years old
  • No criminal records
  • No history of entry denial in any Schengen countries
  • You are not in an illegal situation in Spain

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Real Estate properties to obtain your Golden Visa in Spain

It’s your time to benefit from the law passed by the Spanish Government and obtain the “Golden Visa”. Take a look at our selection of real estate properties that allows you to apply for the Spanish residence investor program:

Spain Estate Properties

Check out our list of properties for sale in Spain for investment.

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Frequent Ask About Investors Residence Program In Spain

IIn our large experience as realtors in Spain, we receive many doubts from customers every day about the issues related to Spanish nationality and other immigration issues.

So we listed the most useful FAQ people often ask us in this article with several key questions about the Spanish Golden Visa

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