How to value or appraise a house in Alicante. Tips for setting the price of a flat in Alicante.

How to value or appraise a house in Alicante. Tips for setting the price of a flat in Alicante.
22 Oct 2019

How to appraise a house in Alicante?

If you decide to sell a property satisfactorily you should look for a way to be ahead of other sellers in your area. To do this, it is paramount to set the sale value of the property at the appropriate range.
Market value is key when promoting an apartment for sale in Alicante. This is because the market value of that property will be the most likely price at which you will be able to sell a property directly to another buyer and without intermediaries. 
It is necessary to clarify that there are differences between a valuation of the property to know the purchase price and that another thing is an official appraisal.


What is a property appraisal?

An appraisal is a legal document that gives an idea of the value of a property for a specific purpose and is based on legal regulations.

What is a property valuation?

A valuation is a report or analysis of the real estate market that defines the price at which a property can be sold applying certain forms of valuation, but which has no legal validity.
In the real estate sector, when you want to sell a home the procedure used by professionals to put the price is the method of comparison.
This means that the price of your property in Alicante is based on the sale prices of other properties with similar characteristics in the same area and in recent times.

That said, when you want to determine the price of a house is advisable to follow a series of steps so that the price of your home is not a negative factor in the sale of the property. 

We take this opportunity to give you these brief but important tips that will be useful. 

How to fix the price of a property for sale in Alicante.

1. Conduct a survey of the value of properties close to your flat for sale in Alicante:

Having the data of flats sold near your area (and of similar characteristics) you will be able to put a similar price to your house and with it you will wake up the interest of potential buyers who look for in this area. 
What's more, if you want to sell a flat quickly in Alicante, by reducing the price slightly you will be able to increase the amount of people interested in buying your property and selling more quickly. 
With data on the offers of the surrounding flats and prices that have been sold in recent months you could get an idea of how the market price is. 

2. You should set an attractive selling price for the buyer: 

It is a fact that the objective of a buyer is to acquire a house up to a maximum price, to say a figure, 190,000 euros. With this data, all the prices that are above will be discarded by that buyer. 
It is true that there are buyers who can expand their price caps in order to ask for discounts on the price, but when searching the Internet portals your apartment could stay out of the search results of buyers with the possibility of choosing your apartment for small price differences.  

3. Use round numbers in the price of your house:

Avoid creativity when putting the price of your property for sale on the Costa Blanca. When comparing prices it is not the same to see a figure like 190,000 euros next to 189,765 euros. This is interpreted as a lack of professionalism and the sale could be affected.

4. Define an alternative price for your home:

It is clear that the objective you want to achieve is to sell your home at the best possible price, but if you raise the price too high, you could be disappointed and see how buyers show no interest. 
Your job is to have a reserve price that is more in line with the market to be competitive and achieve the sale of the property in a reasonable time. 

5. Consult with real estate professionals in Alicante.


The issue of price is only the starting point to start selling your property, having explained all the above, you know that it is very important to be able to sell a flat in Alicante.
I recommend that you look for experienced Costa Blanca real estate professionals to establish the best price for your property and help you sell your home quickly. 

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