To Sell A House in Alicante. What is the best way?

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17 Jul 2019

Selling a house in Alicante in the shortest time possible, with the best conditions and without many obstacles is the dream of anyone with properties on the Costa Blanca.

If you want to make this real estate sale successfully it is important that you know some important steps, such as making a good valuation, showing the house in the most attractive way, having experience in the negotiation of prices, as well as knowing the legal and fiscal steps for the transaction. 

The best way to sell a house in Alicante


To sell a flat in Alicante successfully by your own means you must carefully follow the following tips:

  • Get an appraisal of your real estate property for sale. For this it is necessary that you have knowledge of the area where the apartment is located and also have as reference the price of other properties that have been sold in the same location. Real estate agencies offer you these services.
  • The first impression of housing is vital. The appearance of the floor will greatly influence the customer and a secure purchase. Both at the time of the visit and in the photographs that are going to be published on the internet, it must show its best version.
  • Advise yourself with professionals. Searching for a real estate agent in Alicante is the ideal way to get ahead, as it will guide you as to the prices and the image you want to project from the house.
  • Fix the flaws. Take care to accommodate those imperfections that the floor has. A door that does not close properly, a crack in the wall, the faucet key without working are details that may not please the buyer.
  • Make sure you eliminate bad smells. Clients focus a lot on cleanliness of the property. We recommend cleaning often and providing attractive aromas, since every positive detail tips the balance.
  • Have all the documentation up to date. Having all the papers of the house updated and at hand when you receive the clients will give confidence to them.
  • Depersonalize the Apartment. You must carefully arrange the home, remove any details, personal items, remove photos of families, clothes and other objects so that when the client visits the property he can imagine living in it.

Errors when selling a house in Alicante

If you want to obtain positive results when selling your home on the Costa Blanca, we recommend you not to make the following mistakes.

  • Do not be inactive: Publish some photos on the Internet is useful, but the way to take the information to more people and increase the chances of sales is doing campaigns nearby. Internet portals as our real estate agency in Torrevieja, are ideal for maximum dissemination of your apartment for sale.
  • Show the house any day. Organize an exclusive day for the visit, we recommend doing it when there is natural light because visitors will want to see every detail of the space.
  • Do not place exorbitant prices. Putting the price of the floor excessively high will ruin the sale. The best thing is to place an average price that will pass to the negotiation.
  • Leave no space. When the buyer visits the house, avoids following their steps while they're walking. This can overwhelm and discourage them in their purchase.
  • Avoid making misleading advertisements. A serious mistake is to attract buyers through deceptive techniques, distorted information and over-make-up photographs. In the end these actions produce negative results for sale.
  • Selling without effort. If you consider that you do not get along with the sale, we really recommend you to pass the work to a real estate professional like Spain State that facilitates the process of selling your house quickly in Alicante.


In short, selling a house in Alicante requires dedication, knowledge and experience, if you want to carry it out by yourself we recommend you to follow each of the above tips and you'll get good results in a short time. Or trust our experienced State Agents Professionals to carry out the sale of your house anywhere in the Costa Blanca.


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